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New Age Polish is a car grooming centre that focuses mainly on paint protection. Started out as a mobile service provider since 2012, the Company finally Opened the first retail store in 2015. Helmed by Gabriel, the permanent retail store allows him to expand his range of services and equipment to offer a more comprehensive range of grooming services and packages. One aspect that distinguishes he is a very hands-on boss, undertaking much of the work himself, together with his small team.
At New Age Polish, the range of services include quality foam wash, polishing and waxing, pest fumigation, steam cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment, leather restoration, leather protection coating, as well as the two main services of paintwork restoration and paint protection coating. Paintwork restoration is one of the more popular services, and many drivers with older cars tend to take up this particular service. It allows seven to eight-year old cars to look brand new.
Our detailing packages aren't just about cleaning—though they do that—they're about giving your car the kind of treatment it deserves. They're about giving her the shine and polish you just can't get on your own. They're about ensuring that the paint is perfect, that the interior is flawless, and that the entire car, from the front bumper to the rear, is protected against the sun, rain, and heat that threaten to make her look like just any old car.
We love our cars the way you love yours, so if anything happens, or if you come across a car that's been mistreated and needs a little tender loving care, we hope you'll trust us for the restoration project. Whether it's a paint job, a protective coating for the painted exterior, convertible top, or interior fabrics and leather, we'll treat your baby just as we would treat ours.
If you have a special event coming up, where your car has to be in the best shape it can possibly be in, well, we've got what it takes to make that happen.

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Steam Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria Treatment
Steam Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria Treatment
Steam Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria Treatment
Steam Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria Treatment
Steam Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria Treatment

"We're New Age Polish and we'll do whatever is necessary to make your car look its best."

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